Earths Nipple

Cellular rejuvenation bundle

$2,000 $2,500
This detoxification program is specifically crafted to
eliminate toxins residing within your cells. This
procedure helps restore the body's balance
back to homeostasis. 
-Brain & Nerve Support - Capsule/Tincture: Supports the nervous system, increases oxygen to the brain, and promotes a calm central nervous system.
-Colon Clenz - Capsule/Tincture: Aids in cleansing the colon and addressing parasite concerns.
-Kidney & Liver - Capsule/Tincture: Rich in iron, these products focus on cleansing the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.
-Endocrine Support - Capsule/Tincture: Supports the cleansing of various glands, including thyroid, ovaries, uterus, thymus, and adrenals.
-Inflammation B Gone - Capsule/Tincture: Aids in reducing inflammation in the body.
-Bitter Teas (Colon, Blood, Lymphatic): These bitter teas assist in detoxification.
-Lung Tincture: Helps remove mucus and reduce lung inflammation.
-Cell Support - Capsule/Tincture: Rich in iron and contains revitalizing compounds for overall health.
-Sour Sop (Graviola): Known for its anti-fungal properties, this product is used for its potential health benefits.
-BB Tonic - Iron Tonic: An iron-rich compound that boosts energy and supports a healthy immune system.
-Oregano Tincture: Contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
-Alkaline Coffee (Herbal Tea): An herbal tea designed to support alkaline balance in the body.
-Eye Drops: Designed to remove mucus from the eyes for clearer vision.