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Jimerito Honey(Honduras)


Introducing Jimerito: an exquisite honey sourced from

the heart of Honduras. This rare treasure originates

from stingless bees and is harvested just once a year.

With its roots tracing back through centuries, this

Moroccan Honey boasts remarkable anti-fungal, anti-

bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. One of its

most renowned applications is in the benefits of using

It for the eyes. This  very same honey has captivated 

Well known natural herbalists  like

 Dr. Sebi, known for its astounding effects on

clients. Now, you have the chance to experience this

age-old remedy.

Trehalulose, a naturally occurring

disaccharide sugar found in select Moroccan honey

varieties, sets itself apart. Unlike typical sugars such

as glucose or sucrose, trehalulose showcases a lower

glycemic index. This translates to a gradual and

steady increase in blood sugar levels after

consumption, a boon for individuals seeking blood

sugar management, including those with diabetes. The

sustained impact of trehalulose could potentially offer

enduring energy, making it an appealing consideration

for athletes and those in need of consistent vitality.It's

worth noting that while trehalulose holds promise, its

recognition and research trail behind established

sugars like glucose and fructose.


Ingridents: WILD Jimerito Honey


Directions for eye drops.

Put 1 drop in each eye at night right before bed. 

You will expierence a burning sensation that will last a

Minute or two and then it will subside. After you wake 

You will find mucus around your eye lids. You can

use this up to 3x a day for severe cases 


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by the food and drug administration. This
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cure or prevent any disease.

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george b.
United States United States

Great product

It shipped quickly and I have been using every day. It’s best if you use it in the evening before bed.

Jenkins M.
United States United States


This stuff is incredible. I’m buying more. I’ve been using it for just a week and a half as eye drops and it’s helped my eyes so much I can literally look directly into the sun and see the actual sun disk. Not the glare from the sun, I mean I can see the actual sun. I’m utterly shocked. I need more of this stuff. Make bigger jars. I’d buy for $500